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Some key differences between Inspire Property Network and other property meetings are:-

1. it is a meeting arranged by property networkers for property networkers
2. the speakers are selected by the attendees and members
3. we do not take a commission of what is sold on the night and discourage heavy promotion by our speakers

This means the meeting is focussed on helping those that attend rather than those that run or organise the meetings.

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Welcome to the Inspire Property Network (previously the Warwickshire Property Meet up).

Building a property portfolio is no longer the hobby of the rich and famous. Everyone can invest in property – even without strong credit ratings or vast amounts of money to invest.

The Inspire Property Network is owned and run by Mark Bruckshaw and Helen Partridge from Inspire Property Management – a leading property management business based in Birmingham, England.  Their mission, grounded in their deeply set values is to bring the opportunity of property ownership into the lives of more people, and to show them how it can be done ethically, honestly and with high integrity.

Helen really knows her stuff! Her level of expertise is exceptional and she can prove this with her client testimonials. Totally client focused, delivers the right results and on time.

Edwina Silver

Property Investor

Inspire delivered everything as expected and more…these guys know what they are doing so your property investment is in safe hands.

Will Wong


This is a very different property network with all the important aspects like information and great speakers but without the hard sell you see at so many…

Steve Cooke