Our nominated charity for 2015 is Write Here Write Now which is a charity based in Birmingham, UK.

The WHWN team aim to create a safe and fun environment for children and young people to develop their writing and creative skills, while learning about music and video production, allowing freedom of expression, while being guided by the group’s rules of tolerance and sensitivity towards the other members.

The charity runs projects in schools and community centres, especially those in deprived estates, where youth anti social behaviour is high.

Studies show that by the age of 9 years old, up to 40% of young people have no permanent male role model at home. WHWN promotes positive male role models, that are not necessarily in a position of authority – for example a teacher or youth worker. These role models will then helping the children develop their own Music and Video using their own ideas.

Each child will have the opportunity to develop their IT skills through the Music and video editing software, and the design programs, giving each child access to a computer during the sessions, who may not have the chance to use a computer at home.

Inspire Property Network is proud to support this work and the impact and difference it makes in the lives of young people.

You can find out more about Write Here Write Now by clicking here or the logo to the right.