The agenda of a typical meeting looks like this:

6.30pm  – Doors open, networking

7.00pm  –  Meeting begins. Welcome from our host who explains how the meeting works.

7.05pm – “Getting to Know You”  – Table introductions.  We don’t believe in everyone standing up and delivering a 60 second pitch.  You will simply chat to other attendees on your table.  It’s natural and it works.

7.15pm –  Education slot – we will share some useful information that will help you grow your property business.  NO jargon or over technical language though.  Just easy to understand tips that will build your confidence.

7.30pm –  Industry News  a quick update on news that may be effecting the industry.

7.40pm –  Member Showcase – An opportunity for you to tell your story, tell us about your business or simply pass on some of your knowledge.  A great way to build awareness of what you do.

8.00pm – Networking break. This is your chance to build those relationships and make great connections.

8.30pm – Main Speaker.  This may be an experienced property investor, or could be another type of speaker that has useful or inspirational material to share.  We have tough rules around our speakers so don’t expect everyone you see on the circuit to be at our meeting.

9.15pm – Good News! – An open session where you can tell the group about a deal recently completed or an opportunity that may be interesting to the group.

9.30pm – Meeting closes More networking and a chance to grab a drink from the bar!

Timings are approximate and some meetings may follow a slightly different format.

The BUMF* table

Look out for our “bumf” table too.  This is the place where you can bring your literature, books and details of any products, courses or training you wish to promote.  And don’t forget your business cards!

* Bumf is the phrase used by 4Networking to describe their table of literature.

The Inspire Property Network (previously Warwickshire Property Meet) has been running for over five years.

Our approach is a little different to other property networking events.   We believe that you should be offered great advice, inspiring speakers and useful connections – but without the hard sell that you see at many other events.

We want you to GROW your knowledge and confidence but not be forced to say NO to a hard sell from our speakers.

We want you to succeed in your property ambitions and to do so in a way that works for you.  Our meeting is therefore designed to be full of information and inspiration.

Come along and see the refreshing difference for yourself!